New process revolutionizes microfluidic fabrication

Microfluidic devices use tiny spaces to manipulate very small quantities of liquids and gases by taking advantage of the properties they exhibit at the microscale. They have demonstrated usefulness in applications from inkjet ...

Microscaffolds: A new strategy in tissue engineering

Until now, there have been two completely different approaches to producing artificial tissue. At TU Wien, a third approach has now been developed that combines the advantages of both.

3D nano-inks push industry boundaries

A new, 3D-printable polymer nanocomposite ink has incredible properties—and many applications in aerospace, medicine and electronics.

Holding stellar nurseries in your hands

Astronomers can't touch the stars they study, but astrophysicist Nia Imara is using 3-dimensional models that fit in the palm of her hand to unravel the structural complexities of stellar nurseries, the vast clouds of gas ...

New printing technique for flexible electronics

New technology that enables more efficient and effective transfer printing for electronic devices has been developed by researchers at the Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology (DGIST) in Korea.

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