How wildfire restored a Yosemite watershed

For nearly half a century, lightning-sparked blazes in Yosemite's Illilouette Creek Basin have rippled across the landscape—closely monitored, but largely unchecked. Their flames might explode into plumes of heat that burn ...

As drought intensifies, California seeing more wildfires

As California sinks deeper into drought it already has had more than 900 additional wildfires than at this point in 2020, which was a record-breaking year that saw more than 4% of the state's land scorched by flames.

Hibernating pygmy-possums can sense danger even while dormant

What happens to hibernating or torpid animals when a bushfire rages? Are they able to sense danger and wake up from their energy-saving sleep to move to safety? Yes, says Julia Nowack of the University of New England in Australia, ...

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