Popular US prepaid debit card hit by days-long glitch

A prepaid debit card founded by hip hop pioneer Russell Simmons and popular with poor Americans has experienced days-long problems that has left many low-income customers in the lurch.

The Fine Print: Unlimited data plans have limits

With cellular-data plans, unlimited doesn't really mean unlimited. Some carriers threaten to slow down speeds after heavy use or curb how much you can stray from their own networks.

Apple threatened by growth of prepaid smartphone plans

In a shift that could become a big threat to Apple Inc., U.S. consumers are increasingly signing up for a type of wireless service plan popular around the world that's traditionally not been in favor here - prepaid accounts.

Verizon to sell smart phones for prepaid service

(AP) -- Verizon Wireless on Thursday announced it's opening up access to smart phones for customers who prepay for service, such as people with poor credit and those who don't want to be tied down by long-term contracts.

Leap Wireless' Cricket hops on to national stage

(AP) -- Leap Wireless International Inc. is taking its Cricket prepaid cellular service from a regional to a national player through a deal with Sprint Nextel Corp.

FBI backs record-keeping on prepaid cell phones

(AP) -- FBI Director Robert Mueller has endorsed anti-terrorism legislation that would require prepaid cell-phone sellers to keep records of buyers' identities.

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