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Smog-ridden New Delhi extends schools shutdown

Authorities in India's smog-ridden capital New Delhi on Sunday extended an emergency schools closure by a week, with no signs of improvement in the megacity's choking levels of pollution.

China's smog problem explained

A thick haze has this week smothered Beijing and surrounding areas, with tens of millions of people in northern China under severe pollution warnings.

'Immediate' cuts to methane from fossil fuel needed: IEA

Methane emissions from fossil fuels must be slashed immediately to limit climate warming, and major reductions are possible with existing technologies at low cost, the International Energy Agency said Wednesday.

The kitchen is key to improving indoor air quality, say experts

Indoor air pollution generated by cooking fuels such as charcoal and wood causes approximately four million premature deaths every year—a tragic statistic that Surrey's renowned Global Centre for Clean Air Research (GCARE) ...

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