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20,000 premature US deaths caused by human-ignited fires

Over 80% of premature deaths caused by small smoke particles in the United States result directly from human-ignited fires. This is the outcome of a study published today in IOP Publishing's journal Environmental Research ...

Researchers discover new form of antimicrobial resistance

Australian researchers have uncovered a new form of antimicrobial resistance (AMR), undetectable using traditional laboratory testing methods, in a discovery set to challenge existing efforts to monitor and tackle one of ...

Air pollution 'silent killer' in African cities: study

Pollution in Africa's fast-expanding cities is deadlier than thought, yet green solutions could save tens of thousands of lives and avert billions of dollars in damage, a report said Thursday.

Colorado's efforts are not enough to solve its ozone problem

A year after health officials issued a record number of alerts for high ozone levels on Colorado's Front Range, federal and state officials are trying to rein in the gas that can make outdoor activities a health risk.

Despite improvements, China's air remains unsafe

Fine particulate matter (PM2.5) and ozone exposure are major public health problems in China. Although useful, atmospheric models used to analyze these and other air quality concerns over the years are expensive to run, limiting ...

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