Hacking epidemics in a hyper-connected world

At the first hints of a disease outbreak, epidemiologists, health care providers, policy makers, and scientists turn to sophisticated predictive models to determine how an illness is spreading and what should be done to minimize ...

Social media photos priceless for natural resources research

Tapping into social media posts on Instagram, Flickr and Panoramio gave North Carolina State University researchers a trove of information about people's opinions of scenic European landscapes. A new study shows that geotagged ...

Taking the surprise out of hurricane season

Prior to the 1960's, the biggest storms on Earth could take people by surprise. Someone standing on a beach in Florida might not know if a distant bank of clouds was a routine squall or … the harbinger of a powerful hurricane.

Expressing the value of data science in an ROI framework

Data science is rapidly becoming woven into the fabric of organizations of all sizes and types, and is driving significant societal and economic impact. Organizations are increasingly becoming data driven, investing in infrastructure, ...

Scientist develops early warning system for garden pests

A computer scientist from the University of York will play a key role in developing an app and email alert system for gardeners as part of the Big Bug Hunt – a global citizen science project that warns gardeners of pests.

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