The big emitters: the United States

The United States, the world's second largest emitter of greenhouse gases, has pledged to halve its emissions by 2030 compared to 2005 levels—but so far is failing to stay on target, analysts say.

Effective capital markets are needed to protect the climate

A new study investigates the role of effective capital markets for climate protection and the energy transition. Banks collect savings and make them available as loans and the greater the difference between savings and loan ...

Biden plans to slash planet-warming pollution from power plants

The Biden administration is preparing to propose limits on greenhouse gas emissions from coal- and gas-fired power plants that are so stringent they could almost wipe out the U.S. electricity sector's planet-warming pollution ...

Climate crisis: Transition of global economy way off track

Across virtually every sector, the greening of the global economy is unfolding far too slowly to stave off climate catastrophe, according to a sobering report Wednesday from a consortium of research organizations.

Study sheds light on the core of pro-coal logic

To push ahead with the now urgently needed global coal phase-out, the concerns of the affected regions about their future viability must be taken seriously. New coal-fired power plants, as damaging as they are to the climate, ...

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