Gadgets on the go

Today's electronic gadgets get better and smaller, creating a perfect combination for travelers.

Online April Fools' Day Jokes

( -- Every year, on April 1, you have to be careful of what you read on the Web. Everyone is putting up April Fools' Day jokes.

Tech gadgets that make travel easier

When my wife and I went on our honeymoon last year, some friends couldn't believe that we were posting pictures and updates to our Facebook and Twitter profiles while we were supposed to be relaxing. But for us, and many ...

Gadgets: A reliable GPS at a good price

One of the most common gadget questions I get (especially during the holiday season) is "Which GPS unit should I buy?"

Solving the mystery of how plants survive near Chernobyl

Twenty-two years after the Chernobyl nuclear power station accident in the Ukraine — the worst in history — scientists are reporting insights into the mystery of how plants have managed to adapt and survive in the radioactive ...

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