100th lunar asteroid collision confirmed by second telescope

Since March 2017, ESA's NELIOTA project has been regularly looking out for 'lunar flashes' on the moon, to help us better understand the threat posed by small asteroid impacts. The project detects the flash of light produced ...

New potentially hazardous asteroid discovered

An international team of astronomers on Monday announced the discovery of a large asteroid whose orbit crosses that of Earth, creating a small chance far in the future of a catastrophic collision.

World-first system forecasts warming of lakes globally

A groundbreaking study will enable scientists to better predict future warming of the world's lakes due to climate change, and the potential threat to cold-water species such as salmon and trout.

A breakthrough in sustainable methane utilization technology

99.5% of combustible ice is methane, making it an important reserve energy source. It is inferred that the reserves of combustible ice in the South China Sea amount to the equivalent of at least 80 billion tons of oil.

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