Energy sector methane emissions underreported: report

The energy sector's overall emissions of methane are massively underreported, the IEA said Tuesday as it promoted cuts to the most potent greenhouse gas as a quick way to make a major impact on global warming.

Common clay materials may help curb methane emissions

Methane is a far more potent greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide, and it has a pronounced effect within first two decades of its presence in the atmosphere. In the recent international climate negotiations in Glasgow, abatement ...

Slashing methane emissions key for keeping Earth cool

The pledge taken by about 100 countries at the COP26 climate talks on Tuesday to slash emissions from methane by 30 percent before 2030 could help cap global warming at liveable levels, but key emitters are missing, experts ...

Major methane deal at climate summit—without China

Countries on Tuesday issued a landmark pledge to slash their methane emissions this decade, with US President Joe Biden chiding China's leader for skipping the make-or-break COP26 climate summit.

Leaders commit to 30% methane cut at climate summit

Dozens of countries on Tuesday joined a United States and European Union pledge to cut emissions of methane—a potent greenhouse gas—by at least 30 percent this decade, in a major commitment for climate action.

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