Study: Reflecting on possessions can curb people's impulse buying

Consumers who reflected on their recently used personal belongings experienced less desire for an unexpectedly encountered product, were less likely to buy impulsively and expressed a lower willingness to pay for new products, ...

JCU team's winning basketball formula

James Cook University scientists have come up with a winning formula for basketball teams looking to take home Olympic gold.

Voodoo rituals—from spectacle to trauma alleviation

Voodoo rituals are more than mere show. As Yvonne Schaffler was able to demonstrate with the support of the Austrian Science Fund FWF, such rituals fulfill important social and therapeutic functions. As a cultural and social ...

What happens to a couple's digital life after break up?

During a romantic relationship, a couple is likely to create, accumulate and share many digital possessions such as videos, photos, chat histories, and shared accounts like Netflix. These digital possessions can cue precious ...

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Possession may refer to:

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