Subway stations near river tunnels have worst air quality

Subway riders waiting in stations near tunnels that run below the city's rivers are exposed to higher levels of hazardous pollutants than are found in other stations. The "river-tunnel effect," as researchers call it, may ...

Crop waste cattle feed solution 'averts toxic fires'

Researchers in India have found a way to enhance the nutritional value of crop residue so that it can be fed to cattle, deterring farmers from setting it on fire, a practice that destroys soil nutrients and causes severe ...

Drying California lake to get $250M in US drought funding

The federal government said Monday it will spend $250 million over four years on environmental cleanup and restoration work around a drying Southern California lake that's fed by the depleted Colorado River.

Take climate-changing aerosols seriously, scientists say

The dangerous impacts of aerosol changes on vulnerable regions should have been a priority at COP27 after climate policymakers agreed a breakthrough deal to support these parts of the world, scientists have claimed.

Real-time air quality data can be 'life saving'

Research co-led by The University of Queensland has found sharing real-time air quality readings in developing countries can reduce air pollution and lead to lower mortality rates.

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