Europe finding common cause over conspiracy theories

With conspiracy theories moving from the fringes of society to inspiring political rhetoric and policy making, COST is helping a network of academics to study this fascinating subject in greater depth than ever before.

Support for climate change action drops, poll finds

Americans' support for government action on global warming remains high but has dropped during the past two years, according to a new survey by Stanford researchers in collaboration with Ipsos Public Affairs. Political rhetoric ...

Psychology of debt talks is all in game of chicken

(AP) -- Psychologists and mediators compare the political wrangling over the debt limit to a dangerous game of "chicken" with both sides racing cars at each other head-on.

Violent political rhetoric fuels violent attitudes

( -- Political leaders regularly promise to "fight" for noble causes and "combat" pressing problems. They declare "war" on social problems, such as poverty, disease, drugs and terrorism.

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