White nanolight source for optical nanoimaging

Nanolight sources based on resonant excitons of plasmons near a sharp metallic nanostructure have attracted great interest in optical nanoimaging. However, the resonant phenomenon only works for one type of wavelength that ...

For the first time, researchers focus plasmons into nanojet

Researchers of Tomsk Polytechnic University with Russian and Danish teams have been able to experimentally confirm a plasmonic nanojet effect previously forecast in practice. Using a simple method, they focused surface plasmon ...

Future bright for mini synchrotrons

Colliding a stream of electrons with laser light near an array of tiny silver structures could be the recipe for a new X-ray source that could revolutionize medical imaging and security scanning.

Army research lights the way for new materials

What happens when gold and silver just don't cut it anymore? You turn to metallic alloys, which are what Army researchers are using to develop new designer materials with a broad range of capabilities for our Soldiers.

Researchers squeeze light into nanoscale devices and circuits

As electronic devices and circuits shrink into the nanoscale, the ability to transfer data on a chip, at low power with little energy loss, is becoming a critical challenge. Over the past decade, squeezing light into tiny ...

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