Efficient antibody production 'wobbles,' new study finds

Molecular biology's central dogma posits a simple recipe for the construction of the human body: a DNA blueprint is transcribed into an RNA message, and the RNA message is translated into the proteins that make you. Translating ...

How bacteria defend themselves against plasmas

Plasmas are used in wound treatment against pathogens that are resistant to antibiotics. However, bacteria can defend themselves. They employ a heat shock protein that protects them.

Researchers reveal architecture of the ESCPE-1 membrane coat

A common activity in our daily household chores is separating paper, glass, cans, and plastic to deposit them in the appropriate containers. Through recycling, we can reduce resource consumption, save energy, and minimize ...

How a molecular switch shapes plant organ growth

Researchers at the John Innes Centre and partners at the Chinese Academy of Sciences have identified a molecular switch that establishes differential cell growth and organ shape.

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