How much difference can one degree of warming make?

A vicious cycle of warming temperatures and reduced snowpack in northern forests is more severe than climate models have shown and could lead to increased fire risk and permanent damage to ecosystems.

Enhanced 3D chemical imaging with phase-modulation

Understanding complex biological and biomedical systems is greatly aided by 3D imaging, which provides much more detailed information than traditional two-dimensional methods. However, live cell and tissue imaging remain ...

Deep freezing native plants at risk of extinction

A process similar to that used to store human embryos is being used by scientists at The University of Queensland to save native Australian plants under threat from the invasive fungus, myrtle rust.

Signaling across kingdoms to build the plant microbiome

Microorganisms that live on or in plant tissues form what is known as a plant microbiome. This interface plays an important role in plants' survival due to the existence of beneficial microorganisms. Plants grown in distinct ...

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