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Iron treatment boosts rice immune system, shows study

Rice (Oryza sativa L) is the world's most widely used cereal for human consumption and the second most produced in the world after maize. However, rice production is seriously threatened by rice blast, a fungal disease that ...

Mapping the LGM refugia of deciduous oak and its distribution

Forests have important roles in the global water and biogeochemical cycles. Climate change has led to worldwide changes in forest distributions, especially in the mid-latitude regions. As one of the most important forest ...

Researchers discover new class of stomatal opening inhibitors

Plant stomata are pores in the epidermis of plant leaves. They play a key role in regulating the gas-water exchange between the plant and the atmosphere, which enables photosynthesis and transpiration. Stomata have been shown ...

Soil tainted by air pollution expels carbon

New UC Riverside research suggests nitrogen released by gas-powered machines causes dry soil to let go of carbon and release it back into the atmosphere, where it can contribute to climate change.

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