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New herbicide solution inspired by cholesterol medicine

Curtin University researchers have discovered a promising new herbicide target site in plants with the potential to provide new solutions for growers dealing with the increasing problem of herbicide resistance.

Four new caladium cultivars for containers and landscapes

Caladiums are ornamental aroids highly valued for their attractive foliage that rivals the display of many flowers. Aroid is a common name for a large species of plants in the Araceae family. This family of plants is also ...

New biological sensor detects hidden disease in potatoes

Despite advances in increased food production, half of all world's harvested food is lost due to rots caused by microorganisms. Plants emit various volatile organic compounds into their surrounding environment, which can ...

Scientists identify a plant molecule that sops up iron-rich heme

Symbiotic relationships between legumes and the bacteria that grow in their roots are critical for plant survival. Without those bacteria, the plants would have no source of nitrogen, an element that is essential for building ...

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