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Astronomy student discovers four new planets

Michelle Kunimoto's bachelor degree in physics and astronomy sent her on a journey out of this world—and led to the discovery of four new worlds beyond our solar system.

Kepler announces 11 planetary systems hosting 26 planets

( -- NASA's Kepler mission has discovered 11 new planetary systems hosting 26 confirmed planets. These discoveries nearly double the number of verified Kepler planets and triple the number of stars known to have ...

Every red dwarf star has at least one planet

Three new planets classified as habitable-zone super-Earths are amongst eight new planets discovered orbiting nearby red dwarf stars by an international team of astronomers from the UK and Chile.

3 Questions: Sara Seager on discovering a trove of new planets

NASA’s Kepler -- an orbiting, planet-finding telescope launched in 2009 -- has dramatically increased the discovery rate of planets around stars other than the sun, known as exoplanets. Before Kepler, there were a total ...

Kepler releases new catalog of planet candidates

Since science operations began in May 2009, the Kepler team has released two catalogs of transiting planet candidates. The first catalog (Borucki et al, 2010), released in June 2010, contains 312 candidates identified in ...

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