Wildfires ravage Spanish region twice in a month

Just a month after a huge wildfire ravaged Spain's northwestern province of Zamora, flames are once again consuming swathes of the region as locals helplessly watch their land being destroyed.

Western Europe heatwave to peak in scorching Spain

The heatwave sweeping across southwestern Europe was expected to peak on Thursday in Spain, with blistering temperatures already fuelling wildfires across the Iberian Peninsula and France.

Alerce tree in Chile may be the oldest in the world

Chilean environmental scientist Jonathan Barichivich has been making waves in the dendrochronology community of late due to his study and findings regarding an alerce tree in Alerce Costero National Park—he believes the ...

A new model predicts forest tree growth in new environments

Trees are an essential cornerstone in the functioning and survival of forest ecosystems. But as global change accelerates, certain tree populations, too slow to adapt, may experience population decline or even extinction. ...

Pine needles tell the story of PFAS in North Carolina

The humble pine tree is more than just a common sight in North Carolina—it's also a handy tool for monitoring the proliferation of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in our state over time.

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