Newly discovered components of Dendrolimus pini sex pheromone

Beyond the seven mountains and forests, a hungry beast was stealing away. Does this sound like a fairy tale? In reality, such a beast does exist. It is the caterpillar of the nocturnal pine-tree lappet moth (Dendrolimus pini, ...

Mineral soil in forests accumulates carbon as trees grow

A recent study by the Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) investigated the accumulation of soil carbon in forest sites monitored intensively in the long term. In mature spruce- and pine-dominated forests where the ...

Europe's fiery summer: a climate 'reality check'?

Wildfires and storms. Rivers at record lows. Parched crops withering in the fields. For many Europeans, this year's scorching summer means climate change is increasingly hard to ignore.

Firefighters combat major wildfire in southwestern France

More than 1,000 firefighters were struggling Thursday to contain a major wildfire which has burned a large area of pine forest in southwestern France, in a region that was already ravaged by flames last month.

Arson suspected as huge French wildfire reignites

A wildfire that officials thought was under control in southwest France has reignited amid a record drought and extreme heat, possibly the result of arson, officials said Wednesday.

Image: Greece battles wildfires on Lesbos island

Hundreds of residents and tourists have been evacuated from the east Aegean island of Lesbos (also known as Lesvos), Greece, after a wildfire broke out on the morning of 23 July. The fire, which has been raging near the coastal ...

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