Whales give up singing to fight for love

Male whales along Australia's eastern seaboard are giving up singing to attract a mate, switching instead to fighting their male competition.

Researchers explore what drives animal infanticide

At the end of the 1970s, infanticide became a flashpoint in animal behavioral science. Sociobiologist Sarah Hrdy, then a Harvard Ph.D. student, shared her observation in her published thesis that whenever a new langur male ...

Cuttlefish do not bluff in battle

Male cuttlefish do not bluff. When their body language shows they are agitated, they are. This was one of the findings from a study on the giant Australian cuttlefish in Springer's journal Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology, ...

Popular anti-bullying program may have mixed results, study finds

A curriculum that is widely used by U.S. schools to diminish bullying and other forms of aggression shows promise at reducing gender- and sexual-based violence. However, the program's efficacy may vary between geographic ...

Meatworkers prone to violence, expert says

Meatworkers are more inclined to commit acts of violence, new research by Flinders University animal studies expert Dr Nik Taylor has found.

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