New tiny sensor makes the invisible visible

A TU/e research group has developed a new near-infrared sensor that is easy to make, comparable in size to sensors in smartphones, and ready for immediate use in industrial process monitoring and agriculture. This breakthrough ...

How we see better by 'looking away'

When we fixate an object, its image does not appear at the place where photoreceptors are packed most densely. Instead, its position is shifted slightly nasally and upwards from the cellular peak. This is shown in a recent ...

Researchers set new resolution record for imaging the human eye

Researchers have developed a noninvasive technique that can capture images of rod and cone photoreceptors with unprecedented detail. The advance could lead to new treatments and earlier detection for retinal diseases such ...

New insights into vitamin A recycling and daytime vision

Many people remember been told as kids when they refused to eat their vegetables that "carrots are good for your eyes." Although parents may not have fully understood it at the time, there is some truth to this. Carrots are ...

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