Advanced viral nanovaccine for cancer immunotherapy

Researchers at the University of Helsinki have discovered a novel system to generate an artificially enveloped oncolytic adenovirus to direct the immune response against cancer.

Why we should stop labelling people climate change deniers

In the westernmost reaches of Nunavut, on the Northwest Passage, Inuit hunters have told me some pithy things about climate change. "The land is changing. It isn't climate change. This is part of cycles. Our elders saw this ...

Apple CEO ordered to testify in e-books case

A judge on Wednesday ordered Apple's chief executive Tim Cook to testify in a case brought by the US government accusing the tech giant of conspiring to raise e-book prices.

College students and credit card debt—parents at fault?

Parents need to be good role models to help their children make sensible financial decisions, according to Adam Hancock and his team, from East Carolina University in the US. Their work highlights that parents who argue about ...

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