Immediate rewards for good scores can boost student performance

Test performance can improve dramatically if students are offered rewards just before they are given standardized tests and if they receive the incentive immediately afterward, new research at the University of Chicago shows.

Why the 'perfect' office temperature is a myth

It might be blisteringly hot outside, but if you work in an office building, the chances are it's always reassuringly cool (or cold, depending on your preference) once you walk inside.

Seeking feedback not always sufficient for stimulating creativity

It is widely believed that seeking feedback from colleagues, managers, friends and family enhances employees' creativity. But this is not always the case—a positive effect depends on the work environment. This is the conclusion ...

Are elementary school start times too early for young children?

It's rarely easy to get a child out of bed, dressed, fed and off to school, especially when it's still dark outside. Schoolchildren everywhere (their parents too, if they are being honest) groan for "just a little longer" ...

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