Flowers that benefit both bees and biodiversity

An increasing number of people want to help bees and other pollinators by growing flowers that are rich in pollen and nectar. But which flowers are the most beneficial?

Researchers assemble pathogen 'tree of life'

A new online tool—the first of its kind for plant pathogens—will help researchers across the globe identify, detect and monitor species of Phytophthora, which have been responsible for plant diseases ranging from the ...

Which ornamental plants perform best for pollinators?

Guides suggest some species are better than others for pollinators, but when you get to the plant nursery you're confronted by half a dozen cultivars of the same species. How do you pick between them?

Rare plants attract rare bees and birds in urban gardens

Urban gardens can be hotspots for biodiversity in cities, but little is known about what drives the biodiversity of species existing at the smallest frequencies, or rare biodiversity. Rare plant species in urban gardens attract ...

Research unveils evolution and seed micromorphology in Impatiens

The species Impatiens linnaeus is notoriously difficult to classify morphologically, and the semi-succulent stems, fleshy leaves, and extremely fragile flowers make it challenging to prepare good herbarium specimens. Compared ...

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