Scientists create new oil-resistant filter technology

Crude oil is sticky stuff and often clogs filter membranes and other equipment used in the oil and gas industry. To address this problem, scientists at the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) Argonne National Laboratory have ...

Australian builders unearth city fossil trove

Australian builders doing roadworks have uncovered a rare urban trove of crocodile and other fossils thought to be around 50 million years old, officials said Tuesday.

Ecuador's Yasuni dilemma: a reserve full of life, and oil

The thumping whir of helicopters overhead sends a pack of terrified monkeys fleeing into the brush—one clear sign of the impact of oil development in this incredibly biodiverse part of Ecuador's Amazon.

Shell Alaska scales back Arctic drilling until next year

Shell Alaska has abandoned efforts to drill into hydrocarbon deposits in the offshore Arctic after the latest glitch on its troubled oil containment barge damaged the high-tech dome designed to contain any underwater oil ...

Oil spill detected near Exxon operations in Nigeria

An oil spill has been detected along the coast of southern Nigeria near operations for US giant ExxonMobil, the company said Monday, but the cause and size of the leak remained unclear.

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