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Older fathers found to produce less fertile offspring

(—An international team of researchers has conducted an extensive study of male fertility and aging and has found evidence of older fathers producing less fertile offspring than younger fathers. In their paper ...

Tasmanian genes helping to rebuild Victoria's bandicoots

Eastern barred bandicoots were once common in Victoria, but foxes and other threats have decimated numbers so badly that they only remain in captivity at three fenced reserves and on one small island.

How animal genes go into battle to dominate their offspring

The burdens of becoming parents are often shared unequally between male and female animals. This is particularly true of species that give birth to live young, where male duties such as defending the breeding territory and ...

Male mice found able to bias gender ratios of offspring

An international team of researchers has discovered that contrary to conventional views, a male mammal was found able to exert inadvertent gender bias ratios in his offspring. In their paper published in the journal Proceedings ...

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