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What should we do with aging marine structures?

Marine artificial structures (MAS), such as oil and gas platforms and offshore wind farms, have a finite operational period and will eventually need to be decommissioned.

Invasive species threaten marine biodiversity in Danish waters

Not all new underwater residents are polite. Some overshadow other species or gorge themselves on food sources at the expense of the species already living there. There is little data on invasive species in the Danish waters, ...

Research shows that cod love the artificial reef at a wind farm

Artificial reefs have been constructed at Borssele 1 & 2 wind farm off the Netherlands coast of Zeeland to boost underwater wildlife. Research by Wageningen Marine Research (WMR) shows that cod can often be found near the ...

Red-throated loons avoid North Sea windfarms

Offshore wind farms in the North Sea have reduced the population of loons—fish-eating aquatic birds also known as divers—by 94% within a one-kilometer zone, according to new research published in Scientific Reports. The ...

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