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Should we give children an allowance?

Instead of setting an allowance, many parents decide to give money on demand to their children. When figuring out if that's a good option, we need to be aware that the key is not so much in giving or not giving an allowance, ...

Study suggests partisan politics could help public health

Partisan politics played a role in exacerbating public health challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic. A new study suggests that partisan politics could also play a role in addressing those challenges—at least when it comes ...

New study finds tweets can amplify, disrupt, unite and divide

Social media connects people and amplifies different aspects of humanity in good and bad ways. But the effects of social media appear neither universally good nor bad, but rather present an oscillating, dynamic system that ...

Gossip influences who gets ahead in different cultures

Gossip influences if people receive advantages whether they work in an office in the U.S. or in India—or even in a remote village in Africa, a Washington State University study found.

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