Fault maturity or orientation: Which matters more for quakes?

In the early morning of 22 May 2021, a magnitude 7.4 quake rattled China's remote Maduo County on the Tibetan Plateau. It was the most recent in a series of nine earthquakes with a magnitude of 7 or greater since 1997, and ...

Detecting atmospheric rivers with satellite observations

Atmospheric rivers (ARs) are filaments of intense moisture transport in the atmosphere. These weather systems drive a large fraction of the extreme precipitation events over coastal regions. Detecting ARs in satellite observations ...

A new model for measuring global water storage

In their recent publication in Nature Water, D-BAUG researchers Junyang Gou and Professor Benedikt Soja introduced a finely resolved model of terrestrial water storage using a novel deep learning approach.

European satellite to crash back to Earth within week

A large satellite which ended its mission 13 years ago will come crashing down to Earth in an uncontrolled manner within the next week, but there is almost zero chance it will hurt anyone, the European Space Agency has said.

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