Baking sourdough? Biologist discusses yeast and fermentation

As most people are cooped up at home amid the COVID-19 pandemic, many are occupying their time by baking and experimenting in the kitchen. So much so in fact that baking ingredients—flour, yeast and eggs to name a few—have ...

Genetic discovery may improve corn quality, yields

Researchers may be able to improve corn yields and nutritional value after discovering genetic regulators that synthesize starch and protein in the widely eaten grain, according to a Rutgers-led study.

High-protein rice brings value, nutrition

More than 750 million people don't get enough nutrients from their food. More than two-thirds of those people live in places that consume a lot of rice. Can rice bred for extra protein be the answer?

Engineered light could improve health, food, suggests researcher

People who believe light-emitting diodes, or LEDS, are just an efficient upgrade to the ordinary electric light bulb are stuck in their thinking, suggest Sandia National Laboratories researcher Jeff Tsao and colleagues from ...

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