When cells sense the cue for growth

Researchers of the Genome Dynamics Project team at Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical Science have revealed a new mechanism controlling cellular proliferation in response to serum, which triggers growth of resting cells.

The benefit of redundancy in biological systems

When viewed from an engineer's perspective, biology is often messy and imperfect. For example, redundancy is a common feature of biological systems, with the job of one biological component overlapping with that of another.

Major limnology paradigm questioned by new study

Shallow lakes can take on two alternative stable states, according to a theory on ecological equilibrium in the study of inland waters (limnology). This paradigm has now been called into question by a study conducted by the ...

A lasting impact: Microplastics settling into soil

Whether we like it or not, plastic is a major part of our lives. The production and use of plastics has been found to create a problem because "microplastics" are accumulating in our soils.

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