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Researchers link ancient wooden structure to water ritual

The Noceto Vasca Votiva is a unique wood structure that was unearthed on a small hill in northern Italy in 2005. Built primarily of oak and slightly larger than a backyard swimming pool, the exact purpose of the in-ground ...

Black bears may play important role in protecting gray fox

Bears are known for being devoted and protective of their baby cubs, but research from the University of New Hampshire shows that they may also play a significant role in shielding gray fox from predators like coyotes, who ...

Turning an archaeological practice on its head

Archaeologists often spend a career studying a single site, region, or time period, building on the field's previous research and interpretations. But some, like Penn's Megan Kassabaum, take a wider view that spans both time ...

Yellowstone National Park is hotter than ever

Yellowstone National Park is famous for harsh winters but a new study shows summers are also getting harsher, with August 2016 ranking as one of the hottest summers in the last 1,250 years.

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