Using EV tires to counter traffic noise

Research shows that fitting tires with very low rolling resistance, combined with the right road surfacing, can provide just as much noise reduction as traditional noise barriers.

On the right track for quieter rail infrastructure

The EU QUIET-TRACK project offers a noise reduction and track monitoring system which is demonstrated to be a valuable and cost effective resource for rail infrastructure planning authorities.

Corning VP says Gorilla Glass headed for automobiles

( —Corning Senior Vice President, Jeffrey Evenson told audience members at this year's MIT Technology Review's Mobile Summit, that its Gorilla Glass will very soon be used in automobiles. Currently, Gorilla Glass ...

Researches quiet combustion with patented 'noise sponge'

( -- A sponge-like material employed by a University of Alabama engineering professor can significantly quiet combustion, possibly making work environments safer and extending the life of equipment.

NRL researchers study ways to reduce jet aircraft noise

Advanced military jet aircraft have engines that provide the needed speed and maneuverability. However, with this greater power there is significant noise during takeoff and landing. The noise can impact the public and affect ...

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