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News Corporation (often abbreviated to News Corp.) is one of the world's largest media conglomerates. The company's Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and Founder is Rupert Murdoch.

News Corporation is a publicly-traded company listed on the Nasdaq and the Australian Securities Exchange and as a secondary listing on the London Stock Exchange. Formerly incorporated in South Australia, the company was re-incorporated into Delaware General Corporation Law after a majority of shareholders approved the move on 12 November 2004.

News Corporation's headquarters is at 1211 Avenue of the Americas (Sixth Ave.), in New York City, in the newer 1960s-1970s corridor of the Rockefeller Center complex.

Revenue for the year ended 30 June 2008 was US$32.996 billion with an operating income of US$5.381 billion. Almost 70% of the company's sales come from its US businesses. On 16 January 2009 the Government Accountability Office reported that News Corp has 152 subsidiaries in low-tax or no-tax countries, one of four companies to have more than 100.

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