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A netbook is a laptop computer designed for wireless communication and access to the Internet.

Primarily designed for web browsing and e-mailing, netbooks are used on the Internet for remote access to web-based applications and are targeted increasingly at cloud computing users who require a less powerful client computer. Netbooks typically run either Windows XP or Linux operating systems rather than more resource-intensive operating systems like Windows Vista. However Windows 7 has seen some features that have been shown to run well on the newer generation of netbooks being released currently. The devices range in size from below 5 inches to over 13, typically weigh 2 to 3 pounds (~1 kg) and are often significantly cheaper than general purpose laptops at US$ 400, with some even given away for free in Japan if the purchaser signs up for a plan.

The word netbook is a portmanteau of the words Internet and notebook.

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