Hubble observes galaxy NGC 5427

The galaxy NGC 5427 shines in this new NASA Hubble Space Telescope image. It's part of the galaxy pair Arp 271, and its companion NGC 5426 is located below this galaxy and outside of this image's frame. However, the effects ...

'Slow disaster': Indonesians in sinking village forced to adapt

Indonesian teacher Sulkan leafs through pictures at his small sea-surrounded mosque, remembering a marching band and smiling children who graduated from his kindergarten, standing on a road now submerged by murky, green water.

Human crowds are best modeled by a 'visual neighborhood'

Human crowd dynamics are best predicted by a visual neighborhood model, based on the visual fields of each person in the crowd. Birds flock, fish school, and human crowds, too, move in a collective motion pattern. Understanding ...

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Neighbours, Neighbors, Neighbour or Neighbor may refer to:

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