Researchers say it's time to clean up the Clean Water Act

In 1969, the Cuyahoga River near Cleveland was so polluted that it caught fire, helping to launch the modern environmental movement and prompting Congress to pass the Clean Water Act three years later. It was one of the first ...

Why unemployment can feel worse when there is less of it around

Unemployment levels will be an important test of the economic impact of COVID-19. Some sectors have seen employees furloughed en masse, and the longer-term effect on businesses could mean that many lose their jobs permanently.

New way to investigate the electric double layer effect

Progress in lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries have made all sorts of portable devices feasible and fueled the growth of electronics. However, the intrinsic disadvantages of conventional Li-ion batteries, whose cells use a liquid ...

Growing crops on Mars? Probably not under the naked sun

If humans want to live on Mars for a longer period it will be necessary to grow their own crops over there. And what is more logical than growing the crops in a greenhouse on the surface, profiting from the sunlight, as seen ...

Pesticide threat to bees likely 'underestimated': study

Exposure to a cocktail of agrochemicals significantly increases bee mortality, according to research Wednesday that said regulators may be underestimating the dangers of pesticides in combination.

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