From aerial photograph to precise snow depth

You don't always need a laser—sometimes a camera will do. Researchers at the WSL Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research (SLF) have now disproved the paradigm that the height of snowpack can only be accurately determined ...

Australia scraps billion-dollar satellite program

Australia on Friday said it was axing a billion-dollar plan to develop a series of space satellites, as it tries to cut costs amid an economic slowdown and cost-of-living crisis.

Handing over European service module for Artemis II

Yesterday, ESA formally gave possession of the second European Service Module to NASA for the Artemis II mission that will see four astronauts circle our moon and return to Earth.

Telling time on the moon

A new era of lunar exploration is on the rise, with dozens of moon missions planned for the coming decade. Europe is in the forefront here, contributing to building the Gateway lunar station and the Orion spacecraft—set ...

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