Researchers find first-ever 'wanderlust gene' in tiny bony fish

( -- A gene previously associated with physical traits is also dictating behaviour in a tiny fish widely regarded as a living model of Darwin's natural selection theory, according to a University of British Columbia ...

Underwater noise pollution threat to marine life

A breakthrough study by a specialist European research team, including scientists at the University of St Andrews, shows man-made underwater noise pollution is picked up by whales in a similar way they sense natural predators, ...

Northern white rhino retired from world-first breeding project

Scientists attempting to bring back the near-extinct northern white rhinoceros announced Thursday they would stop harvesting eggs from one of two remaining live specimens involved in an unprecedented breeding programme.

Scientists create embryos to save northern white rhino

Scientists working to bring back the functionally extinct northern white rhino announced they had successfully created three additional embryos of the subspecies, bringing the total to 12.

More plant diversity, less pesticide

Increasing plant diversity enhances the natural control of insect herbivory in grasslands. Species-rich plant communities support natural predators and simultaneously provide less valuable food for herbivores. This was found ...

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