Study proves importance of bird poo in enhancing coral growth

A University of Otago study has shown the positive impact bird poo, or guano, has on coral growth in tropical seas. Published online in the respected scientific journal Scientific Reports, the study Seabird nutrients are ...

How Candida albicans exploits lack of oxygen to cause disease

Scientists from Umeå university have shown that the yeast Candida albicans can modulate and adapt to low oxygen levels in different body niches to cause infection and to harm the host. Studying adaption to hypoxic or anoxic ...

Seven steps to success and what's holding women back: study

A group of international female scientists has taken a close look at their profession and discovered the barriers to success—while also pinpointing the sometimes simple changes that can be made to attract more women into ...

Shellfish reefs: Australia's untold environmental disaster

Virtually all of Australia's shellfish reefs have disappeared, making them the country's most threatened ocean ecosystem, scientists said Thursday, calling for more investment to rescue the important marine habitats.

Giant sea snail plan to rescue Barrier Reef

A giant starfish-eating snail could be unleashed to help save the Great Barrier Reef, officials said Monday, with a trial underway to breed thousands of the rare species.

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