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American football: the first quarter is crucial

Researchers from Dartmouth College, New Hampshire have found evidence that players born in the first quarter of the year are more likely to play in the National Football League.

Rivalries affect risk in sports, business, study finds

Baltimore Ravens fans remember the game that was played during Week 12 of the 2012 National Football League season. Los Angeles Chargers fans never will forget it. With 1:58 left in the game, the then-San Diego Chargers led, ...

Facebook to show NFL game recaps worldwide

Facebook and the National Football League announced plans Tuesday to offer video highlights of NFL games to worldwide users of the leading social network.

Mayweather will beat McGregor, neuroscience predicts

In Las Vegas, on August 26, the unbeaten American boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr and the immensely popular Irishman Conor McGregor will face off in a boxing ring, where only striking with hands while standing is allowed. It would ...

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