Defensive symbiosis leads to gene loss in bacterial partners

Antibiotics on the cocoon protect the offspring of beewolves, a group of digger wasps, from detrimental fungi. These protective substances are produced by symbiotic bacteria of the genus Streptomyces, which live in these ...

What happens in communities during large-scale quarantines

Early in the pandemic, many nurses in Wuhan, China, cut their hair short or shaved their heads in an effort to reduce transmission of the COVID-19 virus. At the same time, groups of volunteers supported Wuhan residents sequestered ...

China denounces US sanctions against companies

(AP)—China on Tuesday denounced U.S. sanctions against a leading state arms maker and other companies over alleged illicit dealings with North Korea, Syria and Iran.

Sunbathing helps these bugs stay healthy

Sunbathing may be healthy – at least for one group of North American insects that apparently uses the activity to fight off germs, Simon Fraser University scientists have found.

New Study Eyes Evolution of Fairness and Punishment

( -- Researchers have long been puzzled by large societies in which strangers routinely engage in voluntary acts of kindness, respect and mutual benefit even though there is often an individual cost involved.

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