Just one degree can change a species

It is not exactly a surprise that climate affects life on Earth. At least major changes in climate make a difference. We know that not all species thrive everywhere on the planet.

World's oldest runestone found in Norway

Norwegian archaeologists believe they have found the world's oldest runestone inscribed almost 2,000 years ago, making it several centuries older than previous discoveries, they announced on Tuesday.

Museum scientists describe and name 351 new species in 2022

From research trips to remote locations, to combing through the 80 million objects held in the Museum collections, each year scientists are adding to this extensive library of life. While many of these species will already ...

Mystery Nevada fossil site could be ancient maternity ward

Scientists have uncovered new clues about a curious fossil site in Nevada, a graveyard for dozens of giant marine reptiles. Instead of the site of a massive die-off as suspected, it might have been an ancient maternity ward ...

Marine researcher identifies new bottlenose dolphin subspecies

A marine researcher at the University of Miami Rosenstiel School of Marine, Atmospheric, and Earth Science has identified a new bottlenose dolphin subspecies found only in the eastern tropical Pacific Ocean. "While there ...

Rare new fossil find the 'Rosetta Stone' of marine paleontology

Queensland Museum Network paleontologists have excavated Australia's first head and associated body of a 100-million-year-old long-necked marine reptile in what has been described as the Rosetta Stone of marine reptile paleontology.

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