Wages trump safety standards for global apparel workers

Factory workers in apparel supply chains are more likely to quit due to wage and benefit violations, relative to violations of other code provisions, such as environment protection and safety standards, according to new ILR ...

Employers are encouraged to embrace neurodiversity

Unwavering focus, superior analytical ability and mathematical talent are just some of the untapped skills neurodivergent people can bring to workplaces, a University of Otago researcher has highlighted.

Understanding what determines the benefits of bribery

Researchers in Hong Kong and the UK have found that a $1 investment in bribery returns $6–9 in terms of company value, with more money paid to an authority resulting in greater benefits. However, those benefits decrease ...

Living yoga for the mind

Plants in the office are not there just to look pretty. They can lead to increased productivity, as well as improved mental health for workers.

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