Protecting wildlife along the US-Mexico border

The border wall snaking along the US-Mexican border was built to keep migrants out—but conservationists say the towering metal barrier also stops wildlife from moving between natural habitats.

Melting permafrost increases greenhouse gas from Arctic lakes

Groundwaters that circulate through the subsoil as a result of melting permafrost can transport carbon dioxide and methane to Arctic lakes and in turn be emitted to the atmosphere. This process of transporting greenhouse ...

Six people killed in Philippine typhoon

The strongest typhoon to hit the Philippines this year left at least six people dead, authorities said Monday, after heavy rain and fierce winds battered the country's most populous island.

Research team looks to past for insights on future of megafauna

Are elephants important? How about rhinoceros? Or lions? What happens if Earth loses its last remaining large animals? New research by Professor of Biology Felisa Smith at the University of New Mexico shows the profound impacts ...

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