Climate change to impact mountains on a global scale

Under the threat of climate change, mountain landscapes all over the world have the risk of becoming more hazardous to communities surrounding them, while their accelerated evolution may bring further environmental risks ...

Scientists discover new species of Fabaceae

Researchers from the Wuhan Botanical Garden of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and other institutions have recently discovered a new species of Fabaceae in Zhuxi and Shennongjia of Hubei, China.

The when and why of foehn warming in northwestern Japan

Warm, dry wind events blowing down from mountain slopes, called foehns, are a meteorological phenomenon typically associated with the European Alps or the Rocky Mountains of North America. However, in recent decades, foehn ...

In Peru, pre-Columbian canals offer hope against drought

In the mountains of western Peru, a farming community is restoring a network of stone canals built more than a millennium ago, hoping the pre-Columbian technology holds the solution to its water problems.

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