Continuous activity of small earthquakes makes mountains grow

From a human perspective, earthquakes are natural disasters—in the past hundred years, they have caused more than 200,000 deaths and enormous economic damage. Mega-earthquakes with a magnitude of nine or higher on the Richter ...

In the Alps climate change affects biodiversity

The European Alps is certainly one of the most scrutinized mountain range in the world, as it forms a true open-air laboratory showing how climate change affects biodiversity.

Earth's cryosphere is vital for everyone

Everything on our planet—the land, the water, the air, people—is connected by the various chemical, physical and biological processes that make up what we call the Earth system.

Past climate change affected mountain building in the Andes

Climate change can affect the tectonic processes that deform Earth's surface to build mountains. For instance, in actively deforming mountain ranges such as the North Patagonian Andes, erosion caused by increased rainfall ...

Scientists discover new 'spectacular' bat from West Africa

A group of scientists led by the American Museum of Natural History and Bat Conservation International have discovered a new species of a striking orange and black bat in a mountain range in West Africa. The species, which ...

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