Slow earthquakes in Cascadia are predictable

If there is one word you are not supposed to use when discussing serious earthquake science, it is "predict." Seismologists cannot predict earthquakes; instead they calculate how likely major earthquakes are to occur along ...

New method to study barred spiral galaxies

Analysis of gas motion in 20 nearby spiral galaxies has revealed a clear difference between those with bars and those without bars. This suggests that already available data on gas motion can be used to study bars in spiral ...

The nature of glass-forming liquids clarified

Glass is such a common material that you probably don't think about it much. It may surprise you to learn that researchers today still don't understand how glass forms. Figuring this out is important for glass industries ...

Revealing how flies make decisions on the fly to survive

Many insects process visual information to make decisions about controlling their flying skills and movements- flies must decide whether to pursue prey, avoid a predator, maintain their flight trajectory or land based on ...

Fast reconnection in turbulent media

Solar flares, similar to many other astrophysical energetic processes, are related to magnetic reconnection. During these events magnetic energy is transferred from other forms of energy, mostly heat and energetic particles. ...

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